Picture Gallery

Botswana, Africa

Compassion outreach in a village in the Kalahari Desert with student pastors.

Sharing the Jesus Movie in Kopong Village.

Sunday Morning Church in Kopong Village.

Bonding with the African women.

Building Tabernacles.

Celebrating graduation with the student pastors.

Test time for the student pastors.

Preaching God's word in Kopong Village

Teaching Sunday School to the children.

Working with the worship team teaching new songs.

African villager teaching us how to drink water from roots.

Prayer during a Jesus Movie outreach.

Moscow, Russia

Muslim man receives Bible in his language.

Learning the Russian language.

Doing street evangelism in Moscow.

Judi with a giant matryoshka doll.

Sharing the gospel with the Central Asians in the mall.

The frozen Volga River in Moscow.

Judith reaching out to Muslim women.

Judith discipling Muslim women.

St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow.

Cold Russian winter.

In Russia, it is illegal to share the gospel in public. Police are a common sight.

The Kremlin in Red Square Moscow, Russia

Tallinn, Estonia

Serving on Church plant team in Tallinn,, Estonia.

Conducting Bible study in our home.

Serving in Children's ministry while their parents attend Alpha Course.

Alpha Course graduates.

Prayer walk with a team from the U.S.

Outreach to the seniors in the senior citizen center.

Janepaev is the longest day in Estonia with almost no darkness and is a big celebration.

Witnessing the 100 year celebration of Estonia at the Song Festival grounds. 

The song and dance festival occurs only once every five years and is a huge event for Tallinn,, Estonia.

Evangelism & Discipleship training to youth leaders.

Serving on the church plant hospitality team.

Judith leading worship during Ordination ceremony for a team member.

Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa

Building a tabernacles in one of the villages.

Completed Tabernacle structure.

Praying over the people in the morning service.

Making a new friendship with an Ivorian woman.

Preaching God's word in a morning service.

Ministering at a village church.

Teaching student pastors in a village.

Fruit and vegetable market.

Enjoying fellowship with the Ivorians.

Praying for healing.

Ministering in a village church.

Visiting student pastors in the Bible School.